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First Conference & Entrepreneurial Summit speakers have been revealed. Pro & Pro+ tickets are now on sale.  Tickets
21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Join a three day forward-thinking conference, shaped through 21 questions for the 21st century, with acclaimed top speakers from around the globe. Become inspired to build a better future. What part will you play?

    Entrepreneurial Summit

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    The Entrepreneurial Summit spins around the wellbeing of our planet and its people. Expect industry meetups, entrepreneurial discussions and inspirational talks. Expect a deep dive into tomorrow.

    Entrepreneurial Summit

    How do we make a difference?

    The Entrepreneurial Summit wants to help our most innovative companies to grow better and faster, to reach an international audience and create an everlasting positive impact, on all levels. It's a platform where the right kind of entrepreneurs get introduced to the right venture capital investors, so they can get inspired, acquainted and build everlasting relationships.


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    Kids are the designers of tomorrow. What “does innovate for the better” mean to them? With Play, we provide our future leaders with the right tools to shape the future. Online, at home, in the classroom or at The Vaartkom.

    Music & Arts

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    Highlighting some of the best in contemporary music production and artistic perception through a palette of audiovisual installations that critically approach innovative tech and design.


    Max Cooper

    Max Cooper creates a unique audiovisual installation for and&

    Premiere of a new audiovisual experience

    and&, Het Depot and electronic musician Max Cooper are joining forces to create a stunning new audiovisual work. Max’s mission as a musician, a DJ and an interdisciplinary artist is all about provoking a greater understanding. He will be exploring the themes of the conference through a unique immersive experience that will get its world premier during and& in an exclusive location in the city centre.

    Free audiovisual experience.
    Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

    Art Expo

    Art Expo and&

    STUK & and& present a series of art installations that challenge the baseline ‘Innovate for the better’

    Look at us now

    Innovation promises us a better life. But what qualifies as better? And for whom? The exhibition Look At Us Now focuses on artists who critically approach and transform innovative technologies and design into artistic concepts that arm us against the vortex of our time. Various sound and audiovisual installations are presented at STUK and in the public space of Leuven.

    Free exhibition.
    Open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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    Leuven iCapital Show

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    The city of Leuven is the prime-time location of and& - not by coincidence. It received the 2020 European Capital of Innovation award. In the iCapital show, we set the stage for some of Leuven's best changemakers and for tasty technology brewed in town.

    Mohamed Ridouani

    "Creating a better future for our city, joining forces to tackle societal challenges and shared ambitions."

    Mohamed Ridouani
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