Why attend

Because you’re curious. Whatever your interests may be, this second edition is bound to excite & inspire you on more levels than you would expect. By day, our program is tailor-made for those who are eager to immerse their minds in innovation for a more conscious world. By night, our program is aimed at the curious of all possible backgrounds, who crave music & art performances that intrigue & astound.


I’m a curious professional

With over 100 speakers & two days and nights filled with talks, keynotes & panels, we've got something that'll interest you. Hear from the CEOs, founders, artists, academics, policymakers & CTOs that are leading cities, knowledge institutions & companies to the forefront of innovation & change.


I’m a curious entrepreneur

Whether you are looking for funding, talent, customers, media exposure or mentoring. Learn from enthusiastic founders, experienced startup operators & successful investors who'll share their learnings, pressing problems they’ve faced & the best-kept secrets of their teams & products.


I’m a curious investor

Participate in various investment events, meet the next generation of up-and-coming Belgian startups and promising scale-ups with market traction & network with leading industry experts & key players from Belgium & beyond.


I’m a curious creative

In this ever-changing digitizing world, creativity is key. Get inspired by they who see the world differently. The people who break the rules, go beyond the ordinary to paint a new picture, setting a new standard to follow.


I’m a curious arts & music enthusiast

If you believe that the ultimate goal of art & music is to provoke & awaken something in the human mind, and& will surely enthuse you. We gather pioneering music acts into a well-thought-out program that slowly unfolds throughout the day but completely unravels in the evenings. We install art interventions & organize inspiring talks that are bound to astound.

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I’m a curious journalist

We facilitate exclusive interviews & networking opportunities with anyone from the program. Be it artists, tech aficionados, policymakers, founders, government officials, and CEOs. We offer a window into the future.