3 MAY 2023
M Leuven

Rein Meirte

Founder of Clusity
Rein Meirte

Rein Meirte is one of the founders of Clusity. As an innovation expert with a passion for social change & ethics, she developed early-on a sharp sense for novel business and societal trends.

At the age of 17, she self-taught her high school major in Latin and languages, proving that you can define your future outside of the classical school system. In the same year, she packed her bags and went to South America where she combined exploration, violin training and teaching. Full of new experiences, she marched through the bachelor Idea & Innovation management in Brussels.

Following years, as the marketing innovator at Cronos cluster Geosquare, she helped shape the marketing direction of various tech companies. Her collaboration there with fellow inspiring-lady Elke Kraemer was the start of a new idea; Clusity was born in 2021. Joining forces, Elke and Rein founded a sustainable and innovative company with the aim to inspire and empower more women to jump on the boat of opportunity that is the technology sector, and to dare to be ambitious in doing so.


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