2 MAY 2023
Het Depot
3 MAY 2023
M Leuven

Philip Inghelbrecht

Co-founder Shazam
Philip I.

Phillip Inghelbrecht is a co-founder of Shazam, a popular music identification and discovery app. The app has been widely popular and has been downloaded over a billion times. Phillip Inghelbrecht played a key role in the development and success of Shazam, and his work has helped to make music discovery and identification a simple and accessible process for millions of people around the world.

Philip is also known as the CEO and Co-Founder of Tatari, a data & analytics company focused on buying and measuring ads across linear and streaming TV. 

Prior to Tatari, Philip was also a founding employee and former president of TrueCar (NSDQ:TRUE). In addition, he previously ran business development at Rockmelt (acquired by Yahoo) and led sports and entertainment partnerships for Google/YouTube.

Philip is also an active investor and advisor. Born in Belgium, he currently lives in San Francisco.


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