2 MAY 2023
Het Depot

Mohamed Ridouani

Mayor of Leuven
Mohamed Ridouani 2

Mohamed Ridouani is the mayor of the city of Leuven, Belgium. He is dedicated to transforming Leuven into a thriving and caring community. He strongly believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of building future-proof communities based on hope and trust, as opposed to polarization and distrust. 

Ridouani is the inspirer of Leuven 2030, a project that brings together more than 600 companies, organizations, and citizens to turn Leuven into a CO2-neutral city. Ridouani also initiated Leuven MindGate, an economic platform with 400 members that boosts Leuven as the world’s hotspot for health, technology and creativity.

Ridouani's innovative governance model has earned Leuven recognition as the European Capital of Innovation. By bringing all levels of society together in a systemic and structured way, he is working towards creating a better future for Leuven and its citizens and setting an example for other cities to follow.


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