3 MAY 2023
M Leuven

Lalynn Wadera

Deputy Mayor of Leuven
Lalynn Wadera

Lalynn Wadera received her bachelors degree in Social Work, from UCLL. Afterwards, she continued studying and she received a masters degree in Social Work and Social Policy from KU Leuven.  Creating opportunities for growth for all; children, adults in or out of employment, entrepreneurs, newcomers, … Everyone must get optimal chances to make the most of it, irrespective of background. That is the common thread in her career. She wants to make that difference as a politician. Her career started as a parliamentary assistant of former euro-parliamentarian Saïd El Khadraoui. Subsequently she set up a social grocery. Afterwards she became responsible for the research department of Cevora, a sectoral training organization for employees. At present she is a deputy mayor in Leuven for the social-democratic party “Vooruit”. She is in charge of education, economics, diversity, public buildings and public green. 


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