3 MAY 2023
M Leuven

Jan Hollez

Co-Founder & CTO at Deliverect
Jan Hollez 2

Since September 2018, Jan Hollez has been focusing on the products that power his new startup Deliverect. As the company’s CTO, he leads the teams and drives the vision that allows Deliverect to create a user-friendly platform to help restaurants connect multiple delivery platforms to their POS.

Jan Hollez has constantly been striving for the best technical solutions. Building complex products and scaling product teams while motivating people has always been part of his career path. His career started at the university by doing research and building demonstrators in location-based services and home automation. After graduating from Ghent University with a M. sc. degree in Computer science (2004), Jan was one of the first to join the start-up Siruna, where he worked as a software engineer. Later, Jan worked for EVS as a team lead to transition their software stack to new technologies like cloud and mobile. In 2012, he co-founded POSIOS which was acquired by Lightspeed in 2014. At Lightspeed, he was directing the team of developers to create software that brings customers and restaurant owners closer.

“We have been working in the hospitality business for many years, which gave us valuable insight into the challenges restaurateurs face. We noticed that restaurant owners were struggling to manage their online delivery platforms and we wanted to help them with Deliverect.”


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