Welcome at and&, welcome at SAS !

Tomorrow’s paradigm.

and& summit & festival is all about tearing down the borders between technology and daily life, between technical innovation and artistic creativity. This gets really close to SAS’ ambition of providing technology that will help society and shape future city life.
We want to educate the market on the paradigm of tomorrow. That’s why SAS decided to become main partner of and&.

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“This summit is a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of innovation. We are excited to share stories about smart life, artificial intelligence and innovation to inspire you and your business.”



Ivy Vanderheyden, Marketing Director SAS Belgium & Luxembourg


“Artificial intelligence really contributes to a better world and we are glad to be a part of this exciting story.”



Jeroen Van Godtsenhoven, Managing Director SAS Belgium & Luxembourg

and&plus at M-Museum

As main partner of and&, our ambition is to create the and&plus experience by curating an ‘Inspired by SAS’ track showcasing stories about how data, artificial intelligence and analytics can help improve our health, our cities and ultimately our lives.

But it doesn’t end here. We welcome the SAS community and everyone who used a SAS registration code at the SAS VIP Lounge at M-Museum, where we will offer:

- interviews with VRT journalist Michaël Van Droogenbroeck
- Q&A sessions with keynote speakers
- SAS Lounge & Bar
- after-work networking
- meeting with artificial intelligence and analytics experts
- & much more !

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“As an engineer, I am an enthusiastic realist when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. What motivates me is not the technology, but what it can do to help us to solve problems, complex problems.”



Mieke De Ketelaere, Director Customer Intelligence

"I am fascinated by how artificial intelligence will shape our society. Will AI become the new prom queen or is she just the shy new kid on the block?"



Cristina Conti

"As companies adopt new technologies like medical IoT for critical decision-making, it will be necessary to develop robust analytics methods. To facilitate analysis but also to monitor integrity of data & proactively alert on errors or potential threats."


Mark Lambrecht, Director Global Health & Life Sciences Practice

Data Science

and& is a summit & festival “curated for the curious”. And data scientists need the curiosity to explore what problems need to be solved, the technical skills to solve these problems – and help drive innovation.

So, sharpen your skills on 3 May: join our Data Science Jam Sessions “At The Bebop” in Leuven. Not just for some groovy music, food and drinks, of course. This is what we offer you:

- Talk of the Geeks – tips and tricks for the data scientist
- visual Data Mining & Machine learning enlightening session
- hands-on sessions
- learn about AI, machine learning, image recognition, streaming analytics and more
- meet with experts and learn new data science techniques

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Data for Good

Have a curious mind …and a desire to make a difference?

There's an app for that:

There is a world of data available to us. And a world of possibilities to do good with it. GatherIQ ™ is a crowdsourcing app from SAS that combines the power of analytics, the talents of everyday problem solvers and the tireless efforts of humanitarian organizations around the world – with the sole purpose of using data for good. Just get involved.

Access GatherIQ and select a cause you’re passionate about. Explore data displayed in dynamic, interactive visualizations. Then share your discoveries on social media to raise awareness.

You can download GatherIQ through the Apple App Store for your iPad or iPhone, or launch the Web option to open a browser on your laptop.