Theo Priestley
technology evangelist, anti-futurist
Theo Priestley
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Theo Priestley

We all know what a futurist talks about. But an anti-futurist?

To find out, you will have to attend Theo Priestley’s talk at and&. He won’t disappoint. He’s renowned for forthright views on technology, and isn't afraid to challenge conventional thinking and hype.

An anti-futurist he might be, but he’s no Luddite. Priestley is recognized globally as an authority on emerging business and technology trends. As an influential voice, he regularly provides commentary on emerging technologies, including Virtual and Augmented Reality, FinTech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

Priestley has held senior positions at large, global enterprise software companies and served as a mentor in various start up accelerators, including HTC's VIVE X and Alchemist Accelerator, one of Silicon Valley's top 5 startup incubators. He has written for and featured in major technology publications, including Forbes, WIRED, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, Giga OM and the BBC. And he's a highly sought-after keynote and TEDx speaker. His book, The Future Starts Now, co-authored with Bronwyn Williams will be available 2021.

Mark your agenda now: it may be your one and only opportunity to listen to an anti-futurist!