Peter De Keyzer
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Peter De Keyzer
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Peter De Keyzer

“Growth makes you happy!” It’s no surprise that Peter De Keyzer chose that sentiment as the title of his book. After all, he is the co-founder of the non-traditional strategic communications firm called Growth Inc. The book’s sub-title explains more of De Keyzer’s philosophy: “An Optimist’s View of Progress and the Free Market.” It perfectly illustrates his attitude towards growth – a combination of optimism and free markets.

At Growth Inc, De Keyzer develops and manages the execution of strategic communications, advocacy and reputation campaigns for corporate and non-profit clients. He also manages strategic communications for financial services, advocacy groups and transnational organizations. It’s the perfect medium to put his two-decades-plus of experience in communications, media strategy and press contacts to work to help his clients improve theirs.

After graduating in Economics from Antwerp University, De Keyzer worked as an Economist and Chief Economist for KBC, ABN AMRO, Petercam and BNP Paribas Fortis. He is a familiar sight on the podium, giving presentations, moderating debates, participating in interviews, speeches and press conferences, as well as in writing editorials for Belgian and international press.

If you want some inside information on how to build and maintain a strong business reputation, while inspiring and leading others, De Keyzer’s presentation at and& will - just like growth - make you happy!