Jimmy Wales
founder of Wikipedia & Wikitribune, leading technology futurist & visionary
Jimmy Wales
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Jimmy Wales

and& takes a closer look at the significant role of technology & reliable media in the dismantlement of ethical issues in a rapidly changing digital society. By bringing together a number of business, media & technology visionaries, and& also aims to give insight into the tech at the centre of the next wave of business disruption & how to keep your business sound in an ever-so connected world.

In this context, we are honoured & excited to add Jimmy Wales, one of the world’s most sought after thought leaders, to the programme. Jimmy is the founder & CEO of Wikitribune.com & founder of Wikia, Wikipedia & the Wikimedia Foundation.

In 2001, Jimmy founded Wikipedia with the goal to create a world in which every person on the planet has free access to all human knowledge. It moved on to become the fifth most popular website worldwide. In 2017, Jimmy launched WikiTribune, the groundbreaking global news platform with a goal to fight fake news, providing evidence-based journalism.

He is named one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People & is acknowledged by the World Economic Forum as one of the top 250 leaders for his professional accomplishments, commitment to society & potential to contribute to shaping the world's future.

Read VRT's interview with Jimmy Wales on fake news here [article in Dutch]