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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium
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    Hassan Al Hilou
    strategic advisor, keynote speaker, author
    Hassan Al Hilou

    Hassan Al Hilou

    Radical diversity. Inclusive innovation. Societal transformation. Three hot, and vitally important, topics on the global agenda – and therefore also on the and& Leuven program. And who better to address these issues than Hassan Al Hilou, one of the most sought-out leaders and speakers on these topics. He has spoken at Deloitte, BESIX, AXA, ING, Nautadutilh, VOKA, VDAB, Unizo, Decathlon, European Council, Randstad, VBO, Familiehulp, VUB, WIL, Eurocontrol, Open Vld and more.

    Born in the Netherlands, Al Hilou started his career early. At the age of 15 he became known as one of Belgium’s youngest and most dynamic entrepreneurs, receiving recognition from the media and policy makers. Currently working in Brussels with his social organization, he helps build community projects led by local youth, and develop the youngsters’ talent to a higher level. He is also active on various boards where his added value is a fresh perspective on innovation, strategic change and diversity.

    Tomorrow is not the continuation of today,” he says. “Tomorrow is different, more diverse.” Are you ready for tomorrow? Is your company, association, school or product diversity-proof? Do you know how you can reach this diverse world with an inclusive view and get added value from it? If not, there’s no need to panic. Just book your ticket for and& Leuven. Hassan Al Hilou will take you on a tour of the facts of diversity and show you how to peel it like an onion, layer by layer. Get ready to listen to his multi-layer experiences and insights.