Haroon Mirza
manipulator of the human perception through installations with sound, light and electric current
Haroon Mirza
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Haroon Mirza

Haroon Mirza has won international acclaim for installations that test the interplay & friction between sound & light waves & electric current. He devises lively sculptures, performances & immersive installations. Haroon is an advocate of interference in the sense of electro-acoustic or radio disruption & creates situations that purposefully cross wires. 

He describes his role as a composer, manipulating electricity, a live, invisible & volatile phenomenon, to make it dance to a different tune & calling on instruments as varied as household electronics, vinyl & turntables, LEDs, furniture, video footage & existing artworks to behave differently. Processes are left exposed & sounds occupy space in an unruly way, testing codes of conduct & charging the atmosphere.

Haroon Mirza © Haroon Mirza, Courtesy Lisson Gallery Haroon Mirza © Haroon Mirza, Courtesy Lisson Gallery

Haroon asks us to reconsider the perceptual distinctions between noise, sound & music, & draws into question the categorisation of cultural forms. "All music is organised sound or organised noise", he says. "So as long as you’re organising acoustic material, it’s just the perception & the context that defines it as music or noise or sound or just a nuisance".