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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium
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    Entrepreneurial Summit

    Entrepreneurial Summit

    The Entrepreneurial Summit is a high-level networking event for conscious leadership and growth. Expect industry meetups, entrepreneurial discussions and inspirational talks. Expect a deep dive into tomorrow.



    “Purpose-driven entrepreneurs can help tackle the world’s biggest challenges, by steering the forces of technological acceleration in the right direction.”

    Benjamin Tincq












    We know that sustainable entrepreneurship doesn’t happen overnight. The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance has become an increasingly complex and challenging regulatory environment for companies to navigate. 

    How can entrepreneurs yet set an example in the evolution towards a more sustainable economy? How do we consciously improve the long-term health & well-being of our planet and its people? 

    During the summit, and& aligns participating entrepreneurs with powerful venture capitalists and industry leaders. With the same ideals at heart, they can work in synergy towards durable solutions. 

    Peter Vanham will introduce you to the entrepreneurs everyone thinks they know – or should know. Learn that trial and error are timeless. And discover how innovation and success have been in the DNA of our region for centuries.

    Manuel Braun will talk about system change projects from all over the globe – such as building coalitions that tackle the ocean plastics crisis, working with pioneering organizations on circular economy opportunities, incubating reforestation projects in Indonesia, or impact investing in the bio-economy space.

    Benjamin Tincq (CEO of Good Tech Lab), empowers those who use technology to address planetary emergencies.

    Peter De Keyzer, founding Partner Growth Inc and author of the book Growth makes you happy.

    Sven De Cleyn is currently leading the imec.istart accelerator program, supporting over 210 tech startups.

    And you, how do you make a difference?