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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium
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    Cal Fussman - Photo (2)
    world-renowned interviewer, corporate storytelling consultant, author, podcast host
    Cal Fussman

    Cal Fussman

    and& invites a number of forward-thinking changemakers who share their insights on future leadership, innovation & the importance of human capital & curiosity in a rapidly changing society. Cal Fussman fits into that category perfectly.

    When Cal speaks, you’re listening to the lessons & stories of everyone he’s ever interviewed. As a writer for Esquire, ESPN, GQ, Sports Illustrated & The Washington Post Sunday Magazine, he transformed oral history into an art form, conducting interviews with influential icons who’ve shaped the last half-century of world history. From Mikhail Gorbachev to Jeff Bezos. From Jimmy Carter to Richard Branson. From Kobe Bryant to Jack Welch. You get the gist.

    Cal gained his exceptional interview skills while traveling around the world for 10 years & being in conversation with people from all backgrounds. Now, as a New York Times bestselling author, keynote speaker, world-renowned interviewer & podcast host, he travels the world yet again. This time teaching the world’s largest companies, universities & associations about leadership, storytelling, innovation & teamwork. 

    He inspires organizations to revive their business through curiosity, connection & the fundamental idea that Changing your Questions can Change Your Life.