Béatrice de Mahieu
entrepreneur and strategy consultant
Béatrice de Mahieu
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Béatrice de Mahieu

Helping young people take their future into their own hands is a key goal of Béatrice de Mahieu. This involves helping them to be part of a wider ecosystem alongside larger companies and SMEs.

Throughout her career, de Mahieu has had the opportunity to participate in the development and growth strategy of major telecommunication and media companies. After several years at Microsoft, she decided to focus her career on coaching and mentoring start-ups in their investment, growth and strategy, and also joined one of the major investment funds in Belgium as an investor and member of the investment committee and board. In 2013 she co-created the Pimento Map business model validation tool and co-founded an academy dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.

In 2018 she joined Co.Station Belgium as Chief Innovation Officer where she focuses on corporate venturing and open innovation between startups and corporates. Since 2019 she acts as CEO.

Listen to her talk at and& and learn from her great insights into how to maximize digital renewal.