21.3.2023 Art + Music

The Belgian Premiere of Nachthorn


And& Connect and STUK join forces to present the Belgian premiere of Nachthorn, a composition by Maxime Denuc. The concert will take place in LUCA Lemmens' neo-Gothic chapel and is sure to be an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Maxime Denuc is an established French composer currently living in Brussels. Nachthorn, his acclaimed composition, features a MIDI-controlled organ played through a computer. The result is a powerful acoustic synthesizer that enhances Denuc's minimalist and hypnotic music.

The music ranges between dub techno, harmonic grooves and after-hours pop, resulting in a fascinating mix of sounds. The concert promises to be a unique experience for music lovers open to new sounds and styles.

The concert's lineup consists exclusively of Maxime Denuc, who is in full control of the organ and the music it produces. It is a rare opportunity to see and hear this talented composer live at work in a unique venue.