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    Why attend

    Curious minds of all backgrounds are welcome at and&. We aim to inspire you with cross-fertilization between different businesses & people, & an active search for positive change in order to attain much needed breakthroughs that will transform our society. 


    You’ll learn from the brightest minds

    +150 world-renowned thought-leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs & visionaries from all areas of expertise unite in an intense programme with the solemn goal of substantially broadening your knowledge.


    You’ll expand your point of view & gain new perspectives

    We strongly believe that forward-thinking innovation happens when diverse people & businesses come together. Gain new insights in your field of expertise through different tracks, challenges & formats, or broaden your horizon on tech and innovation topics you didn’t even know existed.


    You’ll get to know your peers

    20.000 like-minded attendees from all backgrounds, businesses & worlds gather for a genuinely unique program in Leuven, Belgium. Get to know your peers in innovation, technology, business, music & arts from across the globe.


    You'll grow as an entrepreneur

    Whether you are looking for funding, talent, customers, media exposure or mentoring, you'll have the chance to expand your network. Learn from enthusiastic founders, experienced start-up operators & successful investors who'll share stories about pressing problems they’ve faced, learnings & the best-kept secrets of their teams & products.


    You’ll enjoy yourself

    With a programme that contains not only a conference with more than 150 speakers & different tracks, but also a carefully curated arts & music programme, a wide range of satellite events, a tech park & kids track, we truly cater for every single one of you. and& is a place for enjoyment, discovery, business development, immersion in thought-provoking artworks, laid-back momentums filled with musical performances, networking & learning.


    You’ll inspire others

    You’ll absorb, bring back & share knowledge & inspiration within your company, network or circle of friends & family. Spread your insights, enrich your environment & push the transformation towards a more conscious world.


    You’ll stay in the inspiring city of Leuven

    A small town with big city vibes. That makes Leuven unique. The convenience and cosiness of a small town on the one hand, and the creativity, versatility, and diversity of a metropolis on the other hand. Leuven is small in size, but large in what it offers to in terms of nightlife, shopping, art, and culture. You’ll find them all in Leuven.

    Early bird tickets are on sale now

    Whatever your interests may be, this second edition is bound to excite & inspire you on more levels than you would expect.