21 - 25 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium Menu
Victor De Roo live
potent midnight melancholy from one of Belgium's intriguing talents
Victor De Roo live
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Victor De Roo live

Victor De Roo is one of the intriguing talents to materialize from Belgium's growing electronic music scene. The ever friendly Brussels-based DJ and producer is building his own distinctive always-busy trail. 

He worked with Alex Deforce on the recently-released record ‘Nachtdichter’ (on infamous Amsterdam label Knekelhuis). He's a member of Vanderschrik & he also has a delectable 7" out on Nosedrip's always-great label Stroom. He helps to keep the wheels turning at cassette label Kontakt and also works for 72 Records in Brussels’ Zuidstraat. This passionate digger’s collection is as eclectic as it is danceable.

Especially for and& De Roo will develop a brand new live show to open up the festivities. A one-time only event centered around this young talent on different synths and instruments accompanied with vocalists & musicians presenting live poetry & instrumental intermezzos. Expect strangely alluring, potent midnight melancholy.