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Tine van Lommel
coordinator of KU Leuven KICK
Tine Van Lommel
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Tine Van Lommel

Everyone needs a nudge at times. A push in the right direction. An encouragement. Even, sometimes, a kick.

Giving people a kick in the right direction is what Tine Van Lommel does for a living. She’s coordinator of KU Leuven KICK, a vibrant team that promotes and increases entrepreneurship among students, researchers, teachers and professors. In this entrepreneurial community, KICK brings the right people together, fine-tunes initiatives, shares tips & tools, offers tailored coaching and helps to launch innovative ideas by engaging its network where necessary.

For 12 years, Van Lommel worked in a university hospital as a biomedical engineer specialized in electrophysiology. In 2014 she switched the hospital environment for a more academic one and became Innovation Manager at the KU Leuven Research & Development department, in the Spin-off & Innovation group. In addition to coordinating KU Leuven KICK, she is the founder and coordinator of Sports.Tech, a platform for innovation in sports.

Van Lommel is a firm believer in co-creation, connecting the dots, looking for opportunities and defining new markets. If you’re thinking you need a kick in the right direction, to help turn an innovative idea into a successful business model, you need to listen to Tine Van Lommel at and&.