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Steven Verhoeven
simplifying the way laboratories work across the globe
Steven Verhoeven
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Steven Verhoeven

We all dream of having an easier life from time to time. But amazingly, there are people in the world whose jobs have that as their mission. Take Steven Verhoeven for instance. He’s CEO of UgenTec, a company that focuses on easing the lives of laboratory technicians, molecular biologists and lab managers by supplying them with high quality and intelligent software.

Verhoeven has a background in scaling SaaS and enterprise software companies. Before joining UgenTec in January 2018, he was the head of Genomics software at Agilent Technologies where he was responsible for the strategy and development of the genomics software portfolio. He joined Agilent through the acquisition of Cartagenia where he was COO. Cartagenia was a spin-off of KU Leuven, focused on software solutions for clinical genetics.

Prior to that, Verhoeven was Vice President of Professional Services for BAE Systems Detica and Norkom Technologies. He holds a MS in Engineering from KU Leuven and an MBA from Babson College (USA).

Verhoeven’s experience lies in leading fast growing teams and scaling up organizations from a customer-centric perspective. He’s well worth listening to at and&. And who knows, maybe he’ll say something that will make your life easier!