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    Roel Heremans
    upcoming Belgian media artist, known for self-performative experiences where participant becomes performer
    Roel Heremans
    May 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 -
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    Roel Heremans

    Quartet A: Still Life is a new work created for and& 2020. In this self-performative piece for four participants, Heremans invites the audience on a mental journey via headphones. Guided by a voice, the choreography leads the participants through thought, vision and movement to a state of self reflection, which is augmented by four large mirrors in the middle. The work will be presented at the inner court of STUK, while other people are passing by and triggered by this play of stillness and meditation.

    Quartet A: Still Life. HISK Open Studios 2019. ©LaureCottinStefanelli Quartet A: Still Life. HISK Open Studios 2019. ©LaureCottinStefanelli

    Roel Heremans is an audiovisual artist living and working in Brussels and Belgrade. He obtained his Master ArtScience Interfaculty at KABK The Hague after finishing the Bachelor Radio at RITCS Brussels. Heremans composes wickerworks of words that create multilayered choreographic experiences in which visitors become participants-performers of allegorical narratives. His participatory series Room # and Duet # have been presented at a.o. S.M.A.K. Ghent, Next Festival Valenciennes, Artefact Leuven, Bozar Brussels and De Brakke Grond Amsterdam.

    Buy your Pro or Pro+ ticket now and enjoy a 20% discount