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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    How to keep technology aligned with humanity?

    How to keep technology aligned with humanity?

    social innovation ethics tech

    “It has become clear that, faced with a pandemic of global proportions, it is highly ineffective and dangerous to leave policy to nation states. Viruses know no borders.”

    Mark Coeckelbergh








    At and&, we are building an interdisciplinary space where sharp minds bow there heads over 21 questions for the 21st century.

    Technological innovation has an almost fatal attraction. We are greedy for more. With technology surpassing human capacities and creating super humans; with a vaccin war breaking out, how do we retain our human values?

    We enter the domain of tech philosopher Mark Coeckelberg. But also product designer Chris Messina warns us for the dividing -as much as the uniting- powers of the internet. He radically changed the way we research and connect, by introducing the hashtag on Twitter. We bow for that.

    Dutch antropologist Payal Arora investigated the digital life of people outside the Western  World. With technology evolving mainly in the West -so far!-, we need to make a shift in how and where technology is built. Think about the cobalt in our smartphones and in electric cars, developed in Silicon Valley, dug up in the mines in Congo.

    Finally, the digital benefits from technological innovation need to be balanced with data privacy. The Icelandic-Norwegian Jon Stephenson Von Tetzchner, sets an example for that, with the creation of the tracing free web browser Vivaldi.

    At the end of the day, will it be about technology, or is it about humanity? Are both reconcilable, interdisciplinary?

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