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    Tech Fair

    A range of groundbreaking companies showcase the world’s most innovative tech

    Ranging from today’s experienced large industry leaders to newcomers innovating for the better, the Tech Fair showcases companies at the forefront of innovation & technology. Located in the heart of and& 2020, it is the perfect hotspot for three memorable days of business-related networking, knowledge exchange, talks, discovering innovative tech & new ideas. The Fair will be accessible to all Leuven citizens & and& visitors, giving them a glimpse of local companies' solutions for the future.

    Take the opportunity to showcase your business and be part of our Tech Fair.

    and& Tech Fair

    Become an exhibitor

    Keen on becoming one of the exhibitors in the very heart of and& 2020? In the midst of buzzing network events, the central hub where all 20.000 changemakers, speakers & attendees alike meet one another, the Tech Fair offers booths where your company can showcase innovative tech & inventions. Come & connect (with) your audience.