21 - 25 April 2021 | Leuven, Belgium Menu

Tech Park

A range of groundbreaking companies showcasing the world’s most innovative tech.

Hosted by Voka Vlaams-Brabant

Our tech park is the central hub of the and& festival. Located in the city park and connecting all major venues of our conference, it's a public meeting space for delegates and curious visitors alike. The open space is filled with its own conference stage, an exclusive networking bar for and& attendees and parts of our own art exposition.

Exhibit at our Tech Park

Keen to become one of the exhibitors at the very heart of and& 2020? Tech park is the beehive of buzzing network events. It's the central hub where all 20,000 changemakers, speakers and attendees mingle and meet. It offers booths where your company can showcase innovative tech and inventions. Come and connect (with) your audience.