Thursday 03 May 2018

16:00 — 18:00

Pieter De Somer (Venue) — Auditorium

What happens if we could eat technology? Does the body become the technology? The transformation of the human body using technology is becoming more and more a realistic option. At some point, human biology and health will be programmable. In just the same way, will we be able to program our cities? Empowering people both in their body as in their mind & building better, humanitarian cities: 21st century will be the century of humanity. All the same, 21st century is becoming the century of female empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Lucy McRae AU

science fiction artist & body architect

Forces shaping human evolution

Lucy McRae is a Sci Fi artist and Body Architect, using the body as a conceptual space to explore biotechnology and the future of humankind. Whether it's a machine that gives a 360 degree hug, or a pill that biologically enhances your body odour, McRae unites science with imagination icreating films and immersive installations that are darkly beautiful, disruptive and may just predict how technology may oneday merge with the body. 1. Science fiction, art, biotechnology, dance, film, theatre, immersion 2. Asking questions current science may not 3. Science and technology are slowly reconstructing us in ways we can't fathom. If we do not expand, diversify and give greater access to scientific knowledge and their implications, we run the risk of science monopolising the future, beyond public opinion.

Shigeru Ban JP

revolutionary pioneer in humanitarian architecture & winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize

Works and Humanitarian Activities

Tiffany Pham US

trailblazing woman & founder of the award-winning worldwide platform Mogul

How to Change the Lives of Women Worldwide through Information Access, Economic Opportunity & Education

Tiffany Pham shares how her team built Mogul, a global platform praised by Sheryl Sandberg as the #1 Millennial Platform. For every $1 Mogul earns, Mogul provides free educational resources to 1 woman in need through international partners such as the United Nations. Tiffany recounts the building of Mogul's monetization model (Mogul At Work, Mogul Studios, and Mogul Redefined) in order to drive such overall social impact, and how these innovations ultimately influence information access, economic opportunity, and education for women worldwide.

Bart Schols BE