Thursday 03 May 2018

11:00 — 12:30

M-Museum (Venue) — Forum

Ludovic Depoortere BE

Ludovic is member of the Board at the European Sensory Network, Jury Member at Effie Awards Belgium, Vice president of Febelmar & Fellow at the KU Leuven

In October 2017, the Symphony At The Museum project won The Cross Over Contest, held by Leuven MindGate. In this project the following questions were the point of focus: How do the senses of taste, smell and touch influence our view on art? What emotions does art evoke?  Three Master’s students of the PXL-MAD School of Arts developed a multisensorial installation, inspired by the works in the M-collection. Haystack investigated the impact that our senses have on the museum experiences. You’ll get to know the main insights of this research during the keynote of Smells Like.... Afterwards follows a tour past the multisensorial installations with smell-artist Peter De Cupere, which will be exhibited during the whole and& summit & festival.

Lydia Vandam BE

Memberships & Corporate Development Manager at M - Museum Leuven

Dr. Charlotte D’Hulst BE

biotech entrepreneur building a human-nose-on-a-chip to detect, discover & digitize every single smell on this planet

A nose-on-a-chip to digitize the sense of smell

MouSensor, Inc. is a biotech start-up engineering super sniffer mice to build a living nose-on-a-chip with the bold vision to detect, discover and digitize every single smell on the planet. Charlotte D’Hulst, CEO and co-founder of MouSensor, Inc., will address the WHY and HOW of digitizing the sense of smell. Why are we still lacking a “code” for our oldest sense, olfaction, and why would we need such as code? How can super sniffer mice assist us in detecting early-stage Parkinson’s disease or even in decoding human olfaction? Charlotte believes that the MouSensor technology holds the key to building the first-ever digital database of smell.

Scott Cohen UK

Co-founder of the Cyborg Nest

Miel Van Opstal BE

Business & Marketing Innovation Facilitator bij WaveLab