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Prof. Koen Kas & Jasna Rok BE & ES

visionary healthcare professor & pioneer in tech fashion design

Fashion & technology collaborations

Koen Kas is a healthcare specialist with 25 years of experience in the health & biomedical sciences, driven to make healthcare delightful, personalized, predictive & ultimately preventive. He is founder of InBioVeritas & HealthSkouts & Partner at

Jasna Rok is a young & energetic pioneer in combining innovative fashion & cutting-edge technology. As the founder of Design Studio Jasna Rok, she creates unique projects & collections that are brought to life using innovative techniques such as virtual & augmented reality.

Clothing can mean so much more. By applying technology to it, it can take part more actively in the everyday life.

Meticulously following latest breakthroughs at the crossroads of biology, medicine, ICT, engineering/electronics & behavioral sciences, Koen Kas closely watches the digital & mobile health startup scene to uncover the latest trends which will shape our future healthcare.

He believes the future is no longer about being sick, but about staying well & healthy. The ages of genomic medicine & self-monitoring will lead to healthcare that is consumer-driven, engaging, addictive, social & fun.

Jasna Rok is all about the future, too. She delivers lectures, sets up shows & organizes workshops to spread her vision on future fashion and technology. As she is constantly developing innovative & conceptual insights on the cutting edge of fash & tech, she brings revolutionary ideas to life in her own disruptive design collections.

I easily would like to believe that superentrepreneur Elon Musk wants to send people to Mars, but what are they gonna wear over there?

Learn how mobile gadgets, apps, social media & games create personalized, participatory, predictive & preventive medicine & discover the way your personal genome & other biomarkers will soon influence your day to day decision making, dietary requirements, recreational needs & much more.

Be inspired by the magic of technology, combined with the beauty of design & see how robotics, electronics, smart textiles, 3D & virtual reality lead to fascinating professional collaborations between fashion & technology.

Koen Kas: ‘Elk lichaam krijgt zijn eigen thermometer' - De Tijd

Koen Kas, gezondheidsfuturoloog, zet de lijnen uit van een nieuwe digitale gezondheidszorg. ‘Alles wat ik hier vertel, klinkt futuristisch, maar over vijf jaar kan het voor iedereen.’

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‘Slimme kledij ontpopt zich tot onze levenscoach' - De Tijd

Jasna Rokegem is de eerste Belgische fashiontechdesigner. Ze ontwikkelt en verwerkt technologie in kledij, waarmee ze de wereld rondreist om bedrijven ervoor warm te maken.

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Amerikaanse belangstelling voor Vlaamse hightechmode - De Standaard

De Vlaamse ontwerpster Jasna Rokegem (24) krijgt vandaag vertegenwoordigers van de Amerikaanse ambassade over de vloer.

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Jasna Rokegem: Fashion on Brainwaves - TED talk

Jasna Rogekam inspires us to rethink clothing, textiles, and the fashion industry as a whole. Can we reconcile the digital world with our lives, our bodies, our senses and even our brains through interactive clothing or smart textiles? Jasna Rokegem is the founder of Jasna Rok, the first Fash Tech design studio in Belgium. 

Jasna Rok: Fashion as an interface to the digital dimensions

Cutting-edge technologies and innovative designers are pointing the way towards a complete disruption of the very concept of what constitutes fashion: Fash & Tech have become an interactive extension of our inner selves, as well as a new, non-verbal form of communication.

Koen Kas: Access to your own genetic code

Access to our biological code, our genome, will soon become a commodity. But what can we do with it - what would we like to do with it - how could we deal with it -- and would it make us ... better? Koen Kas takes us through a likely future.