Wednesday 02 May 2018

19:30 — 21:30

Pieter De Somer (Venue) — Auditorium

For invited guests or business ticket holders only.
Launch of the summit & festival with inspiring keynotes by science fiction artist & body architect Lucy McRae, global business & cultural innovation designer Canay Atalay, the vice-president of the EU Maroš Šefčovič, KULeuven’s Prof. Koenraad Debackere, Managing Director of Leuven MindGate Johan Merlevede & city councillor & inspirer of Leuven 2030 Mohamed RidouaniKelly Lee Owens, Welsh nurse turned techno-pop shaman, will showcase what to expect from the music program. 

Presented by Thomas Vanderveken.

Kelly Lee Owens UK

Welsh nurse turned techno-pop shaman

Johan Merlevede BE

Managing Director of Leuven MindGate & fighter for a 'smart health city'

Mohamed Ridouani BE

city councillor of Leuven & inspirer of Leuven 2030

Koenraad Debackere BE

Professor & Managing Director of KU Leuven & Chairman of Leuven inc

Canay Atalay TR

global business & cultural innovation designer

Children First World Design

Children -26% of world population- are invisible to most design and decision processes although we are mapping their futures today. Children, future gamechangers are here, born into technology, intrinsically adaptive to fast changing world that we are trying to keep up with. They are not yet educated off from their imagination, creativity, playfullness, enthusiasm and curiosity. Designing cities to flourish human feelings, inspirations and motivations requires radical inclusion of children, as our co-creators. ‘Children friendly’ is not good enough anymore, future city lives need to be ‘children first’. It is time to uncover the extraordinary human potential for innovation within children. Let’s step into their world, hear their voices, understand their dreams and needs. Most importantly, let’s remember what the world looks like through the eyes of a child, as a timeless compass to design meaningful futures for the sustainable wellbeing of "one global human tribe".

Maroš Šefčovič SK

vice-president of the EC

Lucy McRae AU

science fiction artist & body architect

Forces sculpting human evolution

Sci Fi artist and Body Architect, Lucy McRae unites science with imagination, presenting films and installation artworks that use the body as a conceptual space to explore biotechnology and the future of humankind.

Pieter Goiris BE

curator of and&

Thomas Vanderveken BE

program contributor at VRT