'Cities have become machines that kill people' - The Guardian

Daan Roosegaarde, the green Van Gogh & artist & inventor behind smog-filtering towers and bikes, is on a mission to clean the air in the world’s most polluted cities. 

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The megacities we live in are killing us. Here's how design can help - Fortune

The world is the throes of a vast urban migration. Roughly half the world’s 7.6 billion people live in cities, up from 30 percent in 1950, and population experts predict two thirds of us will do so by 2050. For billions, moving to the city has meant new opportunities. But it also has spawned huge challenges— in environmental quality, energy consumption and public health.

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'A smog vacuum cleaner and other magical city designs' - TED talk

He presents his latest projects - from the sidewalks of Amsterdam, where he reinterpreted "The Starry Night" to get people thinking about green energy, to Beijing, where he developed a smog vacuum cleaner to purify the air in local parks, to a dance floor that generates electricity to power a DJ booth. Check out Roosegaarde's vision for a future where creativity is our true capital.