MOB Barcelona: How collaborative workspaces drive creative thinking - Skyword

You probably didn’t need to read the data to recognize that our world is shrinking. More likely than not, you’d already noticed—even if anecdotally. Thanks in part to the nature of social media networks, the availability of options for traveling the world, and the increasingly global nature of business today, people are more connected than ever before. Today, the person who has the knowledge or idea you need isn’t thousands of miles away. They might not even be one click away. More likely than not, they’re sitting next to you—in the flesh.

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IAM Talks : Cecilia Tham - Makers of Barcelona : Post-Work - IAM Weekend 17: The Renaissance of Utopias

This talk was part of the Post-Work session of IAM Weekend 17 celebrated in Barcelona, on April 27-30, 2017