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    Satellite Events

    An additional selection of events organized by you

    Our Satellite Events form an extension to the official programme of and&, organized by you. We call out to the visionaries, businesses & creatives. Find your link with and& festival and its DNA, & pitch your event idea - whether it’s a talk, walk, drink or dinner - you can make it happen as simple as that.

    What are the Satellite Events for?

    and&'s aim is to create an additional selection of events at a variety of different locations across the city. Discover Leuven’s most unique social & start-up spaces, or network at memorable meet-ups, workshops, parties & industry get-togethers.

    Most events will be free of access, but priority will be given to and& ticket holders.

    What kind of Satellite Events is and& looking for? 

    Any kind of format & location counts as a valid event pitch. Looking to organize a dinner or drink that brings together tech companies that push towards a more conscious world? Want to invite your network for additional talks about change and interdisciplinary innovation? Care to curate a get-together on future leadership? Looking to bring together today’s most inspiring creatives in an original setting? Everything’s possible, just submit your idea.

    What's in it for the Satellite hosts?


    A meaningful expansion of your network

    Organizing a Satellite Event enables you to make valuable connections & collect solid leads to useful business relationships. and& unites the brightest minds in innovation, technology, business, music & arts for a genuinely unique programme in Leuven, Belgium. Tap into a committed audience of over 20.000 attendees, next to 150+ speakers & thought-leaders from across the globe.


    Engagement with your community

    By organizing an and& Satellite Event, you’ll be able to showcase to a dedicated target audience. Share your industry insights & position yourself as an innovation leader. Get your company in front of a profitable & most engaging crowd. Let’s set up an event that reflects your essence & targets your audience & community.


    Brand awareness

    Hosting a Satellite Event allows you to maximize your (event) exposure through the official festival’s platform & momentum. Registered hosts will be communicated through and&’s media channels & supported by targeted marketing. In other words, your event will be included on our Satellite page, in our app, in our official festival programme brochure and in our newsletters. 


    Co-creation of a one of a kind festival

    and& takes its place in the market by being a lot more than a tech showcase festival & is primarily purpose-driven. and& amplifies the ambitions of the Leuven region in becoming a global authority for conscious innovation, sustainability & inclusion. Co-create a one of a kind festival in a backdrop like no other. Become part of a platform for interdisciplinary innovation that aims to transform our society by bringing together different people & businesses. 

    Become a host

    Pitch your idea and become a Satellite Event host for and& in backdrop like no other.

    Register your venue

    Register your venue to ensure every event has a location in the wider area of Leuven.