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Dijf Sanders BE

globetrotting multi-instrumentalist producing future exotica

Belgian musician Dijf Sanders pens & produces soundtracks for distant, far-flung places that brood with exotica, psychedelia, jazz & electronica. Armed with a set of field recorders, Dijf traveled to every urban & rural corner of Indonesia in the spring of 2017. His new album Java is a psychedelic & modern search for the sounds of the homonymous Indonesian island. 


I don’t consider my music to be spiritual. When you already know the secrets of your own magic show, it no longer amazes you. That demystification works quite sobering...

Dijf is one of many great Flemish talents. In the past, he earned his stripes with Teddiedrum & The Violent Husbands & has produced bands like Kenji Minogue & Blackie & The Oohoos. He has also released music under his own name including the critically acclaimed album ‘Moonlit Planetarium’. Welcome to Dijf Sanders' wonderful journey into future exotica.

“Ik stond in mijn onderbroek in een rivier bij een stel kletsende vrouwen.” - De Morgen

Begin dit jaar trok de naar Gent uitgeweken Bruggeling Dijf Sanders twee weken door het Indonesische eiland Java om er veldopnames te maken. Uit het verzamelde materiaal distilleerde hij de plaat Java, een pareltje vol exotica en tropische triphop.

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Dijf Sanders - Java

A view on Dijf's two week trip to Java, Indonesia. He talks about the creation process of his latest record 'Java' and unfolds his arsenal of peculiar and mystical instruments that contributed to his characterizing and estranging sound.