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    Entrepreneurial Summit

    The entrepreneurial summit is a high level networking event with a purpose. It comprises industry meetups, entrepreneurial discussions and inspirational talks.

    Together we’ll tackle challenges on going east or west, fundraising in Belgium or abroad, finding the right partners, talent & ecosystem to grow. Meet your peers and engage in meaningful conversation fueled by testimonials of the cream of the crop of the start- and scale-up scene in Belgium & abroad.

    Investors around the world are looking to unleash the power of capital for good. Will this shift in mentality impact your chances at scaling your business or taking your company global? Can growth create both positive impact & shareholder value? By gathering CEO’s, enthusiastic founders, experienced start-up operators & successful investors, and& creates a platform to discuss innovation that reconciles profit and purpose. How can our most innovative companies evolve faster, grow internationally & create a positive impact on different levels? Adapt, evolve, grow. For the better.

    Together we'll take a look at the following topics


    Need for money

    To grow your company, you need capital, but can this growth create both positive impact & shareholder value? Slowely but surely the reign of stock value is being replaced by the triumvirate of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance). How is this evolution affecting the relationship between VC’s and scale-ups? We’ll bring them together in panel discussions to shed some light on these issues.



    Need for markets

    From a Belgian perspective, scaling your company inevitably means looking beyond the countries’ borders and even those of the EEA. Positive impact has different meanings depending your cultural heritage, and the European GDPR legislation has shown that concepts like privacy differ greatly depending on which half of the globe you’re running your company. With the input of foreign trade delegations, we’ll tackle the questions surrounding taking your company, east, south, or west in search of new markets.


    Need for talent

    Growing your company is inseparable from growing your team. The war for (STEAM) talent and the gig economy have drastically altered the way companies engage with the job market and diversity is no longer only a matter of black versus white or male versus female, but sexual orientation has also entered the playing field as a factor to reckon with when expanding your team.

    Thursday-only event with limited capacity

    Don't miss this gathering of the most promising & ambitious innovative start-ups & scale-ups innovating for the better