Music and cities  – Professor Pieter Bergé

Have you ever tried to define what ‘music’ is? Is it just Mozart, Beethoven, Madonna or K3? Or can it be much more? Maybe all noises can be considered ‘music’ in one way or another. From that perspective, ‘cities’ are certainly among the most interesting musical places in the world. In this presentation, professor Pieter Bergé will introduce you to some composers who have been immensely inspired by all kinds of city noises!


Protect your computer against thieves!– Professor Bart Preneel

If you save something on your computer you think it is safe, but are you sure about that? Hackers are sometimes able to break into a computer to steal information. Luckily there is a special code to protect all this important information. This protection is called encryption. Professor Bart Preneel will explain to you how this protection works, because his code protects all the computers in the whole world!


Living on another planet: an adventure through our Solar System (8 to 13 year)

Ever wondered what it would be like to live on Mars? In this workshop you are space explorers looking to build a new city on a different planet. Together we discover the planets that orbit our Sun and learn more about other objects in our Solar System, such as moons and comets. You will learn how big Jupiter is, how hot it gets on Mercurius, what the weather is on Venus and how long it would take to fly to Saturn.


Just think before you bin it, there could be some use in it! (8 to 13 year)

In the city of the future you might always have to reuse your waste instead of throwing it away. But what are the things you can do with your waste? Come and discover how fun it could be to recycle and reuse your waste in this workshop!