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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Pieter Steyaert
    software architect, artist, lecturer
    Pieter Steyaert

    Pieter Steyaert

    Pieter Steyaert teaches at UPOU, University of the Philippines and leads an experience design studio in ArteNova, Belgium. He co-founded SEADS (Space Ecologies Art and Design), an international transdisciplinary collective of artists, scientists, engineers, and activists. Its goal is to reshape the future through critical inquiry and hands-on experimentation.

    As a software architect, he has created an eclectic range of digital applications spanning multiple fields of technology. Fascinated about the possibilities, ethics and current shortcomings of the digital realm, he has been sharing and exploring insights as an educator and researcher. Most of his artistic and scientific activities are data-driven and deal with exploring digital lifeforms.

    Steyaert spearheads the development of tools and platforms to support the global SEADS community. One such collaboration is an artistic ‘seed’ in the form of a specially designed visual code that accompanied rotifers (microscopic aquatic animals) sent to the International Space Station in December 2019. This code is the seed for a series of 3D-printed sculptures that will be exhibited on Earth. Curious about how 3D sculptures may demonstrate the physical changes that the space-flown rotifers experienced? Then touchdown with Steyaert at and& Leuven!