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Peter Tom Jones
advocate for sustainable metals and minerals
Peter Tom Jones
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Peter Tom Jones

Environmental optimism exists! All is not doom and gloom! This is one of the key messages of a book published by Peter Tom Jones with his wife Vicky De Meyere. “Terra Reversa – de transitie naar rechtvaardige duurzaamheid (“the transition to fair sustainability”) offers not just one but TEN reasons for environmental optimism. Just to touch on one of them: cities throughout the world are proactively taking up the fight against climate change.

Jones is the Director of the KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals. As a KU Leuven IOF (Industrial Research Fund) Senior Research Manager in the field of sustainable metallurgy, he is co-founder of the Centre for High Temperature Processes and Sustainable Materials Management. He was also the President of i-Cleantech Flanders between 2012 and March 2018.

On the EU level, Jones is the General Coordinator of a major EU H2020 project on Enhanced Landfill Mining, which was developed through the European Enhanced Landfill Mining Consortium EURELCO, which he coordinates. He also was one of the KU Leuven contributors to the EIT KIC RawMaterials consortium.

Jones has given more than 600 lectures related to urban/landfill mining, climate change (mitigation) and transition management.

At and& we look forward to his own brand of technical specialism and – hopefully still – optimism!