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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    and& 2020 conference Dr. Prof. Payal Arora
    author of “The Next Billion Users”, digital anthropologist, professor examining the digital life of the global poor
    Payal Arora

    Payal Arora

    and& takes a closer look at the significant role of digital media & technology in daily life. Having over a decade of fieldwork experience in both digital media & user experiences among low-income communities worldwide, Payal Arora holds the necessary insights regarding future technology that will shape the destiny of us all.

    She is a digital anthropologist, Professor at Erasmus University Rotterdam & renowned author, having written the award-winning ‘Leisure Commons’ & ‘The Next Billion Users’ with Harvard Press. Engadget (Top 5 in the ‘Technorati top 100’ & Times endorsed ‘best blogs on tech’) stated that her Harvard book is “the most interesting, thought-provoking books on science & technology we can find.” Forbes named her as the “next billion champion” & the right kind of person to reform tech.

    Payal is also the founder of Catalyst Lab, a digital activism organization. She sits on several boards such as Facebook SS1 Asia Committee, Columbia Univ. Earth Institute & World Women Global Council in New York. Last but not least, she has consulted on tech innovation for diverse organizations such as UNESCO, KPMG, GE & HP & has given more than 165 presentations in 102 cities in 52 countries.

    Being born in India, also possessing American and Irish nationality & living in Amsterdam, Payal is what we call a true global citizen.