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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Managing Director Flanders District of Creativity
    Pascal Cools

    Pascal Cools

    Pascal Cools is the managing director of Flanders District of Creativity. Flanders DC, in short, is the Flemish organization that supports entrepreneurs and companies in the creative industries with business advice, tools, training and promotional activities.

    Cools has been with Flanders DC since 2005. For the first two years he was Senior Project Manager, responsible for the coordination of all their projects, coaching project managers, developing strategy, facilitation and communication. He became managing director in 2007. He has a postgraduate degree in international relations and a master's in law, both from KU Leuven.

    At and& Leuven, Pascal Cools will explain how, in order to develop a profitable company in the creative sector, more is needed than just creative talent or a great product. As unique and genius as it is. Good guidance is therefore not a luxury.