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a testament to the transformative power of the dancefloor
Octo Octa
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Octo Octa

From the moment Octo Octa places a vinyl on a slipmat, she’s moving, dancing from record box to mixer to decks while pumping out slamming, feel-good club music. An Octo Octa set is an opportunity to create sweat-drenched ecstasy shared by both DJ & dancefloor, & her productions capture this feeling. The DJ & producer has become a trusted source for dancefloor euphoria.

From the messages of love, togetherness & survival that charge her sets to her signature deep & dreamy productions, electronic music has long been a language for Octo Octa, aka Maya Bouldry-Morrison. Her discography invites you into intimate chapters of her personal life; Between Two Selves, her 2013 debut album for the leftfield dance label 100% Silk, explored the tension caused by displaced identity. Where Are We Going?, released four years later on San Fran queer collective Honey Soundsystem’s imprint, sees her processing life post-transition, working through the gulf this question posed. Her latest album Resonant Body is her most joyful & highly anticipated chapter of her journey so far.