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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    The New Gold

    The New Gold

    Explore and actively play with the possibilities of innovative and circular materials.

    and& takes Leuven based students on an interactive, exploratory voyage.








    How do we change the climate? And how do we make this planet a better place for all of us? Our world is basically one enormous construction, consisting of numerous building blocks and materials. If we truly want to understand how this puzzle is laid, we should first and foremost understand what each and every piece of the puzzle represents, and give all the pieces the value they deserve. 

    and& takes Leuven based students on an interactive exploratory voyage. A trip during which students can explore and actively play with the possibilities of innovative and circular materials.

    Every participating classroom will receive a construction kit with explanatory videos. All students will build 5 unique gold bars, each consisting of a different materials. Afterwards, all gold bars from the participating schools will be collected and turned into one giant spectacular installation at the Maakleerplek in Leuven, representing the Sustainable Wave of Leuven.

    The main themes of this course are sustainability, recycling, circularity, creativity and science. We'll explore the creation of forms by using different techniques and materials. Guided by the construction kit and an explanatory video, students will create the various gold bars at their own pace.

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    Our world is one big construction of different building blocks and materials. If we want to better understand how this big puzzle is put together, we must first understand the many underlying pieces and give them the value they deserve. Together with children from the 4th, 5th and 6th grade of primary school we want to design an artistic installation that makes them think actively about sustainable materials, science and creativity. 

    How to order

    Each participating class will receive a construction kit with a number of accompanying videos. Each pupil builds five unique gold bars. All gold bars will be collected afterwards and brought together in one big, artistic installation in Leuven's maakleerplek, where together they represent The New Gold. Supply is limited so order your box here!

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    The creating of one gold bar in group will approximately take one or two hours. The construction kits will be distributed on March 15 & 16. Every classroom will then have two weeks time to accomplish the assignment. The finalized gold bars will be collected on the 1st and 2nd of April and serve as the foundation for the art installation. This installation will be on display during 5 days from April 21 onwards, both at the Maakleerplek and online.

    The amount of construction kits is limited! Be quick. We're expection your application on February 15 latest.

    In collaboration with WAUW, Maakleerplek & Existenz.

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