Manuel Braun
system change innovator and strategist
Manuel Braun
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Manuel Braun

We’re living in an age of acceleration and systemic change. Land use systems need to transform to sustainably feed our global population of 10 billion by 2050. Energy systems need to shift to low-carbon infrastructures. The way material-intensive systems extract, process and utilize natural resources is challenging our planetary boundaries.

Manuel Braun and his colleagues at SYSTEMIQ are deeply passionate about addressing the world’s biggest challenges with new solutions. SYSTEMIQ is a speciality firm for innovation and investment in disruptive systems. By addressing market failures in the areas of clean energy, circular material solutions or natural ecosystems, SYSTEMIQ aims to unlock economic opportunities that benefit business, society and the environment.

Before SYSTEMIQ, Braun spent 8 years at McKinsey, where he led product development & design projects – across Automotive, Machinery, Consumer Goods, and most recently Sustainability. Prior to that, he co-founded a social business to support women’s cooperatives in rural Nicaragua. Braun studied business engineering in Munich, Singapore and the United States and holds a PhD in innovation management from the Technical University of Munich.

At and&, Braun will discuss how to grow a company that puts SDG impact at its core and will talk about system change projects from all over the globe – such as building coalitions that tackle the ocean plastics crisis, working with pioneering organizations on circular economy opportunities, incubating reforestation projects in Indonesia, or impact investing in the bioeconomy space.