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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Leuven towards Startup City 2030: the Blueprint

    Leuven towards Startup City 2030: the Blueprint


    In the frameworks of the and& festival, The Bårn presents Leuven towards Startup City 2030: the Blueprint. As the current European Capital of Innovation, Leuven holds great potential to become one of the world’s big startup scenes.  
    Leuven Startup City 2030 will be a set of milestones to ensure that Leuven stays on top of innovation and entrepreneurship, and earns its spot on the global map as one of the biggest startup hubs. On the 21st of April, our panel of local and European policy makers, successful start-up founders, and Leuven ambassadors, will tackle the big question: How do we add the “startup” to innovation capital?