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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Lalynn Wadera
    a green, sustainable and innovative politician
    Lalynn Wadera
    Schedule info coming soon

    Lalynn Wadera

    In Leuven city council Lalynn Wadera represents the Socialist Party. She is responsible for the city’s education, economy, diversity, public green spaces and public buildings. The three leading principles of her policy are: equal opportunities for all, innovation as an important lever, and Leuven as a great place to be.

    In terms of equal opportunities, Wadera considers that talents and opportunities count, not background. Her policy of education is focused on giving every possible opportunity to (young) talents.

    Wadera believes that innovation is the key driver of social development. She strives to trigger innovation in Leuven by giving space to experiment, learning by doing, and exchanging experiences within networks.

    To further develop Leuven as a great place to be, Wadera invests strongly in extra green spaces, opens public buildings for shared usage, and invests in initiatives that welcome and support newcomers to the city.

    and& looks forward to hearing more details of her green, sustainable and innovative future for Leuven and elsewhere.