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Karel Van Acker
circular economy driver and strategist
Karel van Acker
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Karel van Acker

Moving the world from a linear economy (Take-Make-Waste) to a circular economy (Repair-Reuse-Recycle) is not simply an interesting option to discuss over lunch. It’s an essential practice to implement. How else are we going to avoid fulfilling the World Bank’s prediction that by 2050, the global municipal solid waste generation will be 3.4 billion tonnes per year? Of which only 16% is likely to be recycled at current recycling rates.

Developing strategies to realize the circular economy is Prof. Karel Van Acker. He is professor in sustainable materials management, coordinator of the Circular Economy @KU Leuven platform and coordinator of the KU Leuven Materials Research Centre. He also leads the policy research center “Circular economy” for the Flemish government and is the former president and founder of the Flemish Transition Network on Sustainable Materials Management.

Within his scope of interest are bio-based and composite materials, recycling of rare earths and other critical materials, landfill mining and the valorization of residues. The connection between materials and a sustainable society is the leitmotiv in Van Acker’s activities.

At and& you will have the opportunity to listen to this knowledgeable but deeply practical expert in the circular economy. You can discover how we, in his words, “can safeguard the rich treasures and beauty of the earth for present and future generations.” Now that’s one compelling reason to attend and&!