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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Jasper Bloemen
    educator, researcher, scientist, climate activist
    Jasper Bloemen

    Jasper Bloemen

    Ask Jasper Bloemen what gets him out of bed each morning and you’ll get a short answer: sharing knowledge. He is passionate about the importance of collaboration and knowledge transfer to tackle current world problems such as climate change. His priority is to communicate information clearly and correctly to a wider audience, and to enthusiastically engage future generations. In other words, he’s ideal for and&!

    As a Post-doc researcher at the University of Antwerp, Bloemen works on the impact of forests on climate change. He also works closely with Break it Down, a collective on (science) communication, which trains scientists, companies and governments in the crystal-clear transmission of information to the general public. 

    With Ekoli, which he co-founded, he goes one step further and brings science to children. Fun, interactive, hands-on workshops make children and adults enthusiastic about scientific themes, and stimulate their creativity and curiosity. Extra focus is given to underprivileged groups that normally have the least exposure to science, in order to eliminate socio-economic inequality.

    One of his strengths is to get people excited by sharing his passion about what he does. He is clearly successful. As a finalist in the Science Battle, Bloemen made almost 500 children aware of the problem of climate change in 15 minutes.

    At and& he’ll have a little longer – and he’s sure to leave you inspired about the sustainable transition that’s ahead of us all.