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Greentea Peng
blissed-out aura, buttery vocals and an innovative blend of psychedelia and soul
Greentea Peng
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Greentea Peng

It’s not often an artist’s name serves as a direct representation of their sound, but in Greentea Peng’s case, it’s right on the money.

With her lo-fi, honeyed production and her beautifully raspy vocals, the south London musician’s songs are themselves a sort of warming herbal remedy, rolling through your headphones in a way that really can only be described as ‘peng’.

The South East London singer, songwriter has been gaining plaudits since last year’s critically acclaimed EP ‘SENSI’ – pairing woozy production and hazy harmonies with her instantly recognisable intonation and vocals – and has just dropped the follow-up, ‘RISING’.