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Frank Rademakers
chief medical technology and innovation officer at UZ Leuven
Frank Rademakers
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Frank Rademakers

Prof Dr Frank Rademakers was trained as a cardiologist at the University of Antwerp with a keen interest in the physiology of the heart and ventricular mechanics. His research in this field used different imaging modalities, one of them being cardiac magnetic resonance which he introduced in Belgian cardiology. He did his PhD on this topic at Johns Hopkins, USA. He moved from Antwerp to Leuven in 1998 where he joined the cardiology department for non-invasive cardiac imaging.

As Chief Medical Technology Officer, Rademakers is responsible for the diagnostic departments of the hospital (radiology, nuclear medicine, pathology, forensic medicine, medical genetics and laboratory medicine) as well as for the Pharmacy and IT. He has an overall responsibility for innovation and as such supports the contacts with external partners in research and industry.

Prof Dr Rademakers' research interest is primarily in cardiac physiology and imaging using echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging. And& looks forward to hearing the latest developments in this important field from this inspirational and knowledgeable speaker.