Erika Lutin
mental health innovator
Erika Lutin
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Erika Lutin

Can we measure if we’re happy? Psychiatrists from the University Psychiatric Centre of the KU Leuven and engineers from imec think so. They are pooling their knowledge to uncover the link between our mental health and the signals of our body.

At the heart of this work is Erika Lutin, who is investigating how wearables can be used to teach children with autism how to cope with over-stimulation. The ultimate goal is to be able to give real-time feedback to the children and make a targeted intervention possible.

Lutin received a Master of Science in Bioscience engineering from KU Leuven in June 2017. During her Master’s, she mainly focused on measuring and modeling human health. She then started a PhD in the imec.ichange program, which aims to use wearable sensors and data analytics to drive innovation in mental health applications.

Alongside her colleagues, Lutin has helped develop an app that measures environmental noise and light, tracks the location, monitors smartphone activity, and polls the mental state of a child. This is combined with a sensor on the child's clothing that measures light and temperature.

At and&, Lutin will be sharing the latest status of this intriguing and potentially highly important work.