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21 — 25 April 2021 | Leuven. Belgium
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    Entrepreneurial Summit

    Entrepreneurial Summit

    The Entrepreneurial Summit is a high-level networking event for conscious leadership and growth. Expect industry meetups, entrepreneurial discussions and inspirational talks. Expect a deep dive into tomorrow.

    More info can be found below the timetable.



    Opening Summit

    Climate business, a situational overview                                                                                        

    Subsession: The Virtues & Vices of Plastic
    David vs Goliath
    Hydrogen & The Energy Transition in Flanders 2050
    In-depth discussion of opportunities & strategy in hydrogen in Flanders
    Subsession: Pitch for the better X The Barn
    L'Embarras Du Choix

    Business opportunities for climate change.                          

    No Frontrunners, No Change

    Connect with inspiring companies sharing their story                      


    “Purpose-driven entrepreneurs can help tackle the world’s biggest challenges, by steering the forces of technological acceleration in the right direction.”

    Benjamin Tincq







    During the Entrepreneurial Summit we will give a business overview on climate change & action,  talking on opportunities for entrepreneurs and discussing academic knowledge & promising research.

    Further on great minds like Gilliant Tett, Thomas Leysen, Katrien Rycken or Benjamin Tincq, Béatrice De Mahieu, Jos Peeters, and many more  will give insights on how to grow your (start-up) business through collaborations & ecosystems and participate in financial discussion on profit vs impact, opportunities ignited by the Green Deal,....

    In cooperation with FIT and Flux 50 we will take a closer look at the opportunities hydrogen will bring in the near future with Jacques Vandermeiren ( ceo Port of Antwerp) , Prof. Johan Martens and many more.

    Young graduates presenting their sustainable business idea during a session curated by student organization AFT.

    On our brand new an innovative digital platform, people will have the possibility to join discussion tables like The virtues and vices of Plastics curated by Capricorn, have discussions with inspiring entrepreneurs or create and host their own virtual innercircles and discussion tables 

    Peter De Keyzer (ceo Growth inc.) and Robin Wauters ( ceo will be the hosts of this inspiring business event.